Acworth CKD’s family program is a wonderful way for the entire family to participate in an activity that has life long benefits.

Training with the family allows parents and children to set goals and then learn and progress together.

It helps parents to experience, first hand, what their children are learning and participate in their accomplishments. It also empowers children to help their parent acquire new and exciting skills.

Some additional benefits of Choi Kwang Do for families are:

  • Increased unity within the family
  • Increased mutual respect among family members
  • Unified family goal setting
  • Increased encouragement to achieve goals
  • Increased accountability to achieve goals
  • Increased quality time spent together

I can not emphasize enough what a blessing it has been for our entire family to train together and achieve common goals. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses which allows us to also help each other out. Choi Kwang Do is the ultimate family activity!