As you all know, we have 6 Principle in Choi Kwang Do that we recite in every class and that we should be striving to put into practice in our lives. This year I would like to focus on these 6 Principle all year, but intensely focus on each of them for a 2 month period.

I would like to set up a challenge for everyone to daily try to put into practice and focus on the principle of the month. I encourage you to seek out Bible verses or quotations that might help you to stay focussed on the given principle. You might even stick note cards around your house, room, or workplace to be a constant reminder. I encourage each one of you to make this a family focus to encourage and help each other stay motivated. I will be posting verses and quotations and encouraging words along the way as well. I will be trying to bring each Principle into focus in our classes as well. Please feel free to post on our facebook page to encourage others. Share stories of changes you see happening around you as you put these Principles into practice. You could even post additional challenges having to do with the Principles that others could join in on. Let's all make 2018 the year for true PERSONAL GROWTH!

We will begin with Humility in January and February, then move on to Integrity in March and April.  May and June will be Gentleness and July and August will be Perseverance. As schools starts in the fall we will focus on Self-Control during September and October.  November and December will close out the year with Unbreakable Spirit.

Let's begin our Humility focus with the quote from C.S. Lewis that is on our newest t-shirt design:  "HUMILITY IS NOT THINKING LESS OF YOURSELF, BUT RATHER THINKING OF YOURSELF LESS."

I am so excited to see what God will do in each of our lives, in our families, in our school, and in our community as we as a group put these Principles into daily practice.