At Acworth Choi Kwang Do, we don't want to just stay in our own little Dojang.  We want to be able to be in the community Serving Christ in as many ways as we can! You do NOT need to be an Acworth CKD student or know how to crochet or knit to get involved!  WE CAN HELP TEACH YOU

After seeing a video of an older man, who was terminally ill crocheting hats for the homeless, I (Mrs. Chris Jackson - Owner & Chief Instructor) was in awe of this wonderful expression of God's love. Despite his own sad circumstance, he was still happy to give to others. God calls us not to be concerned with only ourselves, but rather to be humble and think of others - serving them when possible.  

I did not know how to crochet or knit. However, my daughter did and had tried to teach me on several occasions. I asked her again to please try to teach me - I was even considering using a plastic knitting loom, which is what the elderly man was using. I understood how to do that, but she encouraged me to try crocheting again and this time it made sense! I truly believe that God was having me wait to understand until He had a vision for me.

Another Assistant Instructor at Acworth Choi Kwang Do actually owns his own crocheting business (Younique Crafts). He was very excited when I shared my vision with him. My vision was to get a group together monthly to fellowship and encourage one another while creating crocheted or knitted items that would be donated to those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Some participants only have time to crochet during our meetings while others are unable to make the meetings, but crochet at home and bring items in. I know personally, that I am continually thinking about and praying for the individual who may eventually receive each item I make. Each item given has a special card sharing hope with the recipient, and when possible we love to receive the name of the recipient so that we can continue to pray for them. I am proud to say that since this ministry began at in January 2017, we have been able to make more than 100 items! Hats, scarves, blankets, and "chemo" shawls are what we have primarily made.  We have had the privilege of sharing some of items with ladies who are undergoing chemotherapy. We are continually collecting items that can be given out during the colder months to the homeless to help them stay warm. Acworth Choi Kwang Do has an Annual Winter Warming Drive where we collect items to be handed out and this year we will have handmade items as well!

We are always looking for more ways to serve and would love to partner with other ministries that are already doing a great job serving those not only in our immediate community, but also around the world. One ministry we are looking into partnering with is Warm Up America. They supply Tiny Hats for Tiny Babies.  This is an East African Preterm Birth Initiative. Each year, across the world, 1 million preterm babies die within their first 28 days because they are unable to regulate their body temperatures. We are looking forward to partnering with several additional organizations in the future.

If you would like more information or would like to get involved please contact Acworth Choi Kwang Do for more details!

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."  Isaiah 41:10