Leadership In Acworth Choi Kwang Do

In Acworth Choi Kwang Do, we believe that we should be helping students grow to become leaders. One way that we do this is to allow students to become part of a leadership team under our Chief Instructor Mrs. Chris Jackson. Once a student is the rank of Gold Belt, Mrs. Jackson talks to them about joining one of these leadership teams. Not all Gold Belt students do this right away as they may have goals that have not yet been met that they set as a pre-requisite for joining one of these teams. Our Instructor Team will do all they can to help and encourage student towards this goal.

At Gold Belt there are three opportunities for students to consider. All three teams have similar basic requirements, but step up with each team that has more responsibility.

Once a student is a Black Belt and at least 18 year old, they can be considered for Head Instructor. This role encompasses all of the other leadership roles. In addition to requirements for the other leadership roles, students considering becoming a Head Instructor must have already been in the role of Assistant Instructor. They must also attend a Head Instructor Certification held at Choi Kwang Do International. Once certified, you can begin teaching classes of your own. If given a class to teach, Head Instructors are given the responsibility to make sure students are ready for testing and communicate that with Mrs. Jackson. Head Instructors wear all black uniforms.

The requirements for certifying for Assistant Instructor are:

  •  Be at least 14 years old 
  •  Be at least Gold Belt Rank
  •  Have a goal to become a Black Belt
  •  Desire to work on leadership skills, be a good role model, and to help students achieve their goals
  •  Act appropriate as a member of a leadership team by being a good example both in and out of the dojang.
  •  Attend certification at Choi Kwang Do International
  •  Attend at least 2 classes per week and be available to assist in at least one class per week.
  •  Stay competent in all rank requirements up to current rank
  •  Attend Instructor Training classes at ACKD
  •  Attend Instructor Training at CKD International Headquarters 
  •  Attend ACKD monthly testing to assist during tests 
  •  Write an age appropriate short essay on why they would like to become a Black Belt, a leader, and an Assistant Instructor
  •  Obtain a character recommendation letter from a non-related adult (if younger than 18)
  •  Take a STORM team quiz about the principle of Choi Kwang Do

The benefits for being an Assistant Instructor are:

  •  Attending special Instructor classes at ACKD dojang
  •  Allowing leadership skills learned at ACKD to transfer to other areas of life
  •  Wearing an all blue uniform
  •  Helping out in class and at monthly tests if requested
  •  Test monthly if requirements are met and competent with rank requirements