Acworth CKD offers the greatest Martial Arts training, in a fun family oriented Christian environment, designed to enhance both the physical and mental fitness of our students. We have several certified Head and Assistant Instructors who aid in our student's development not only in CKD Martial Art training using a curriculum that is taught world wide, but also focus on personal aspects of our students as well.  Focussing on our Principles of Humility, Integrity, Gentleness, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Unbreakable Spirit helps students to become physically stronger, but also stronger personally.  In addition to all of these aspects we students also train in practical street self-defense.

Acworth CKD gives all credit to God for the opportunity to teach this amazing martial art and to impact our community in as many ways as we can through outreach programs, service projects, and partnering with other ministries.  Each class begins with prayer and our students enjoy being part of a "family" that puts God first.

Choi Kwang Do is a lifestyle to adapt, not just an extra curricular activity to attend. Instead of running from activity to activity, the entire family can enjoy a life changing, life enhancing, activity together! Call to set up your 2 weeks of FREE classes.

Children's Promise

To always do my best and never give up
To obey my parents and teachers
To tell the truth and honor my word
To always be polite
To never misuse what I learn in class

Principles of Choi Kwang Do

Unbreakable Spirit

Adult's Pledge

To set positive goals and strive to achieve them
To apply self discipline to further my personal development
To stand for justice and honor my word
To promote friendly relationships among all people
To use what I learn in class in a constructive manner

Choi Kwang Do is a unique 21st century martial art based on scientific principles developed to promote optimum health, self-defense, as well as personal growth. We are an international martial art that is in over 40 nations worldwide! Choi Kwang Do was developed by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi primarily between the years of 1978 and 1987 but continues to evolve as more research is done to make the art the most effective martial art system in the world. Choi Kwang Do’s natural, easy-to-learn, sequential movements maximize your body’s force-producing capabilities, but more importantly, they increase opportunities to enhance your health. It is a unique program based on the modern scientific principles of human anatomy, physiology, psychology, kinesiology, neurophysiology, and biomechanics. Choi Kwang Do is not designed for competition and does not follow the intensity of sports training. The system is meant for all individuals who want to learn real-life, practical self-defense skills and...
Acworth Choi Kwang Do is a Christian family owned and operated Martial Art School. Each member of our family plays a very important role within our school. We have been offering classes since 2010. Mrs. Chris Jackson is the Chief Instructor and Owner. She is the primary instructor for our main Acworth location. Mr. Tony Jackson, a Head Instructor, is her husband and he helps with the financial aspect of our school and assists in classes when needed. Mr. TJ Jackson, a Head Instructor and her son, becomes the primary instructor if Mrs. Jackson is unavailable. He is also our Information Technology Administrator. Mrs. Areanna Johnson (an Assistant Instructor and her daughter) and her husband Mr. Ian Johnson (a Head Instructor) are taking somewhat of a sabbatical but will hopefully return in the near future. Our family has also participated on Choi Kwang Do Demo Teams. Mrs. Jackson and Both Mr. Jacksons are Deputy Master Instructors holding the rank of 4th Degree Black Belts and continue...
Wednesday, 14 March News

We finished up January and February focusing on our first principle of humility. As we go through spring (March and April) we will be moving on to our next principle of INTEGRITY. This is another character trait and principle that we find in the Bible and is so important as we go through our lives.

Saturday, 20 January News

As we go through the months of January and February putting a heavy emphasis on Choi Kwang Do's First Principle - HUMILITY - I have been posting some encouraging quotes and Bible verses on Facebook. I wanted to share them as well on our webpage as not everyone is on facebook and not everyone who is on facebook checks it regularly. I will be updating this list each day as well. The more we as a school and individuals consciously focus on being humble, the more we are able to ministry to those around us!!!  

Wednesday, 30 August News

Fall is about here!

As we enter September, the weather cools down, families have settled into their new school schedules, activities have been though of and some even signed up for so let’s talk about some great activities and opportunities coming up.

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